Iowa Chapter Leadership Team - The Iowa Chapter Board of Directors is still in formulation, and we hope that some of current members would wish to join our leadership team. Please contact Doug Keast if you have a talent for organization and a passion for Iowans at

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We are getting ready to start releasing the Iowa Chapter newsletter again, and are in search of a new Editor-in-Chief.

New Members - Do you know anyone interested in joining the Iowa Chapter of the IAWP? Please contact Kristi Judkins for more information at

IAWP Iowa Chapter is once again having its annual fund raiser. If you have any questions please contact our IAWP President, Liz Pruisner at

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Technological Learning and Educational Opportunities Education Opportunities
Legislative Awareness at both State and Federal Levels Legislative Awareness
Networking. Knowledge Sharing and Peer Support Networking and Support
Professional and Personal Development Career Development


Chapter events (educational gatherings, learn-at-lunch sessions, annual educational conference, etc.) give you an opportunity to meet and network with a larger group and still discuss common problems (and solutions!). Attending an International Educational Conference is the epitome of global learning and networking! You will meet people from other states and around the world with the same challenges as you!

At the chapter level you will see people you know and meet other people working in the same or a different program or system as you, and from different geographic areas in Iowa. It's a great way to put a face to a name.

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IAWP is a volunteer organization. It relies on the help of workforce professionals to maintain and advance its missions. The elected officers and all members of the Board of Directors are volunteers. Volunteers freely give of their time on the International, district, chapter, and subchapter levels. The association, on the local level, usually needs volunteers.

Want to get involved with YOUR professional association? Contact your chapter president to help. They will say "YES!"

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"Your mission and the mission of my agency, the Employment and Training Administration, are very much entwined. Our mission is 'to promote pathways to economic liberty for individuals and families working to achieve the American Dream.' Your mission is to make sure that workforce professionals are prepared for the workforce challenges of tomorrow. You equip the workforce system to be relevant."

Joe Juarez, Region IV Administrator Employment & Training Administration

"I commend IAWP's ongoing focus on providing education and training opportunities to its membership. The needs of our Workforce Development Customers are changing. Workforce professionals will need to stay abreast of the very best approaches to delivering employment, training, and related services to workers and employers.

IAWP helps us do that, and I am proud to be a member."